Thursday, 17 September 2015


W.A.L.T: Write a mystery.

Secret Salsa By Harrison

I think this is gonna be a good day said Bryan, Same, said Tania. Bryan and Tania own a Burrito shop in Mexico City. Their burritos are so good, the salsa that they use, they put it in a safe.. (A bit OTT). They cheerfully put their aprons on and get prepared to make some Burritos. They walk into the kitchen and get all the ingredients that they need. They get the wraps and pile the salads and the meats on them. The only thing that they need to do now is put the salsa on and wrap them up. Tania unlocks the code to the safe and opens it. Ahhhhhhhh! The salsa is missing. Oh no, Tania cries. What will we do, I know what we can do, says Bryan. The other day a man called Sam gave me something called a burrito eye. Its a shape of a Burrito and you put it over one of your eyes. When we scan it in front of the safe handle, it will show where the person lives. Bryan scans it and the address a peers on the Burrito Eye: USA, LA, 21 Reagan st. Yeah! We’re going to the U-S-A, sings Tania. It looks like we need to pack our bags, says Bryan. They pack their bags and hop in the Burrito van, they drive up to the airport and park the van. While their waiting for their flight, they open up some plastic bags and pull out some burritos and eat them. Mmmm, these are good, said Bryan. Oh look, I flight is about to leave. Bryan and Tania sprint to the plan and just manage to get in. That was close. Look, said Tania, we’re here. As soon as the plane lands, they run out of the plane, run through the airport and order a taxi. The taxi arrives and they hop in, 21 Reagan street please. Sure, says the taxi driver. Um, can, you, go, a, little, bit, FASTER! Sure, as soon as there arrive at 21 Reagan street, they sprint out of the taxi and up the drive way. Ding, dong. Somebody opens the door. WHAT’S YOUR NAME? Justin Bieber. PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM. Why, because you stole our salsa that we put in our Burritos. It wasn’t me, it was my brother. Whats his name? Cooper Bieber. Where is he? You like to ask a lot of questions don’t you, ANSWER ME!! He took a flight to Mexico City, but his flight leaves in half an hour. Okay, Bryan and Tania hop back into the taxi, airport please. Sure Could you please go as fast as you can, we need to catch a flight that leaves in 25 minutes. Vrrrrrrrm! Blah! I feel car sick. When they are there, they sprint into the airport and in to the plane. Whew, that was close. Bryan look’s up and down to try and find Cooper Beaber. When the flight lands, they hop off the plane, Bryan starts asking random people this question: Whats your name? The 14th person that they asked had black hair, was 150 something cm tall, has normal ears, has freckles over his whole body, has an outstanding nose and he has a top that say’s: Captain Awesome. Whats your name, Captain Awesome, seriously, Cooper Bieber. Aha! So you stole the Salsa. Ahhhhhh, 21 hours later, ahhhhh, yes.


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