Monday, 14 September 2015

The Story Of Darcy

Task: Write your own myth or legend.

Did you know that there is a coal black and petrifying house in New Zealand. It is so petrifying that no one in the world has ever dared entered it. One dark and drizzly night, an unknown man in a black hoodie walks up the drive way of the scary house. Everybody watches him as he approaches the front door. The man doesn’t know what surprise he’s about to be given. Ding dong. Unexpectedly, someone grabs him by the neck and drags him in to the house. He looks up and he can see a Llama with a basketball head. The Llama say’s, hello Darcy, hello. Arrrrrrrrrh! It’s a talking Llama. Shhhhhhhhh! What is your favorite sport? Ummmm, Basketball, he replies. Well I am going to give you supercalifragilisticexpialidocious powers so you can be the best in the world at basketball. Your kidding me, no. It won’t hurt but it will take a while. Soon after when he got his powers, he looked in the mirror, Ahhhhhhhh, I’ve got a basketball on my head but I can still see. How? Well… the basketball is your head. The Llama puts his ear muffs on, Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Well, at least I’m the beast in the world at basketball now. Darcy Has won many champion ships, and he is in a team called Knight ballers.

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