Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The life of sandy ( paragraph 3 )

Goal: generating ideas.

She felt a shiver up her spine. She was about to go back when she caught a glimpse of sparkles. She looked like she just won a lottery or she didn't have to buy any more groceries. What she saw was a POOL OF MARSHMALLOWS! SANDY jumped with joy and landed in the pool. Sandy would never go back to her own house because she had all the stuff that she needed. After a few hours someone knocked on the door. The door knob twisted and turned. The door opened up and there was a ginger bread man. He walks past the pool and into the kitchen. The ginger bread man must be blind, Sandy thought to her self. The ginger bread man opens a closet and gets out a box. He pulls out a knife and walks toward Sandy. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE" yells the ginger bread man. He throws the knife at Sandy, Sandy ducks and farts out RAINBOWS. She blasts up into the air and crashes into the roof. She lands out of the house in front of the door. The ginger bread man looks at her and LOCKS the door. Sandy falls to the ground and starts crying.

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