Sunday, 9 November 2014

The arrival ( chapter 2 )

Goal: generating ideas

The arrival

 "Ah", says Bob thunderously, tripping over a lone cord, flying in the air landing on Manny's coffee. Brown liquid dribbling down the side of the mug finding it's way to the control system. ZzzrRzrrz. Lasers coming out,  sirens start beeping, everyone starts talking at one time. 
"QUEIT!" Manny yelled feeling distressed as he stamped his feet. 
"Now, listen."  "We're going inside the tornado, it's the only way in." "Fingers crossed everyone, we're going in."
The jet loses it's control as it swirls into the tornado. Glass flys every where. Creek, Metal peels of the side of the flying jet. The jet start's doing tricks like back flips as it falls.
 "Manny ordered the landing gear engaged so James grabbed hold of the lever, but it was too late. BANG! They hit the ground solid. "
"Ah" my leg said James feeling sore.
"Toughen up" Manny said.
  Manny punched a hole in the roof so they could get out. 
"We are now at the king MONSTERS entrance to his lair ." 
There was a big red door losing all it's colour. The door was so big, if you were 7 meters away from it you couldn't see all of it. 
"Now, we just need to find where the door knob is" said Manny. 
"It's way up there" Bob said.
"Then we just need to reach it, but how?
"Why don't we do this James said as he pushed a small door beside the huge one. 
Sure, why not.
"Follow my feet". 
As they walked inside Manny looked at his arms not knowing that he was invisible.
"Holy cow!!" 
"Shhh." "We're gonna get caught by the king of Monsters if you don't shut up." "Just keep on walking." 
The lair had bones and wood with smashed cars stacked upon each other for a boundary. 
"I think  that was the king of monsters," said Manny who was still invisible. 
"Don't get distracted" they said.
"Let's go over to it,"  BUT... Bob still hasn't learnt his lesson from tripping over in the science lab. He catapults in the air over a pile of  wood and bones .
Thud, he fell on a good solid piece of dirt. The king of monsters turns around...

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