Sunday, 8 June 2014

Potential and kinetic science

WALT: show our understanding of how energy works. 

DESCRIPTION: Each week we have been learning about a different type of energy.  For example, States of Matter, Kinetic and Potential, Radiation, Conduction and Convection.


Gathering Data

I can gather information using my 5 senses
I can gather information to make a prediction
I can use my information to draw conclusions
I can share my findings using evidence I have gathered

Task: Make a video (no longer than 30 seconds) about on example of   
energy. i.e. States of matter, Potential and Kinetic energy, Newtons Cradle or forms of energy like Radiation, Convection, Conduction.

Feedback: good job. Next time you could speak louder

What makes a good video:
- clear voices     No
- different camera angles.    No
- Still camera skills     Yes
- mute background noise     Yes
- mixture of still and moving images     No
- background distractions     No 
- music     Yes

What makes a good poster:
- clear writing
- detail
- images
- interactive

Feed back:

Self reflection : I think I did well because I made good timeing 

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