Saturday, 12 April 2014

August's decisions

1. To go to school

2. To make friends 

3. To go to camp

4. To play with Jack, Julian and Charlotte 

5. To go to school in the Boba Fett costume

6. To stay calm when Jack said something mean about him

7. To forgive Jack.

8. To leave his soft toy at home when he was going to camp.

9. To bother his Mum when daisy died. (Instead he didn't, he just went away and put his self to bed.)

10. He won an award for courage, kindness, friendship, character and greatness.


I think I achived this because I did everything to do with school.

1 comment:

  1. You identified some key clues here Harrison - some where a bit sneaky too, so well done. Auggie was pretty mature wasn't he? He handles situations in an inspiring way? What have you learnt form Auggie form reading this book? What have you learnt about yourself?