Thursday, 27 March 2014

Crazy clay day

WALT: share an experience with an audience
Success criteria: 
Share an experience so that someone else feels as thought they are experiencing it with you.
Share what you learnt
Share what you would do differently next time

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  1. Thanks for your great reflection on our Art Day Harrison! I really like the way that you have set your post out - the description of the day first and then what you learnt with the photos of your clay. I noticed that everyone said 'ohhhh' when I said that your 2 favourites had to stay at school too! I knew that would happen! Just think how excited you will be when they are painted and varnished too. It will be worth the wait! Your insight about little people and big people is an interesting idea! I definitely found that you all (our class and Sonita's class) were MUCH more creative than when all of the teachers worked with Rei! Have a great weekend Harrison.