Sunday, 23 February 2014


W.A.L.T.    Make shadow Art

To make this you need to get a white bit of card.

Get a pencil and draw some wriggly lines from the middle to the outside. 

To colour use pastels. If I was you I would use bright colours.

Then get someone to take a photo of you doing a pose.

Then print it black and white because you don't want  to waste colour.

Cut out the photo and stick it to a black bit of card then cut it again.

Glue the pose to the peice of card. You could go over the pencil marks with vivid.

Then it will look something like this.

Kotahitanga word cloud

Saturday, 22 February 2014


We had to find out what our name equals,
a word that equals 100 ,the most expensive
Country and the least expensive country.

Reading Goal

Combine what I already know & what I have learnt from my reading to develop my thoughts & opinions.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


W.A.L.T Learn

WALT: learn!

We will know we are successful when we agree to:

  • Believe in ourselves,
  • Take risks in our learning,
  • Manage self,
  • Display leadership / initiative,
  • Show integrity,
  • Strive for excellence,
  • Take responsibility for our learning,
  • Set challenging learning goals,
  • Learn from our mistakes,
  • Show determination in all situations,
  • Work in unity,
  • Know ourselves as a learner,
  • Think happy thoughts (positivity is the key!),
  • Respect others’ rights to learn, to feel safe and to be respected,
  • Practice being a responsible digital citizen.

Reflective Questions to answer:
  1. How do you feel about these agreements? I like the agreements because they are fair rules and everyone can follow them. What parts of it do you particularly like? striving for excellence because it helps me in my learning. Dislike? I don’t dislike any of them.
  2. Which agreements will find easy to follow? know my self as a learner because I know that I can’t learn in a noisy area because I can’t concentrate on my learning.  
Which agreements will you find difficult to follow? Set challenging learning goals because I Don't like challenging myself for other things.

Cinquain Poem W.A.L.T. Write Cinquains


promise deal

Signing the rules

Angry about the agreement